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You've Got Your Wedding Highlight Video - What Now?

If you've decided to go with a highlight video as a part of your wedding photo and video package, you've made a great choice! Now, the question - what should you do with your highlight video? Check out these options for sharing your wedding highlight video with family and friends.


  • Post it to social media - This can be a fun way to share your wedding with everyone you know, and to continue the celebration of your marriage.

  • Use a password protected site to share with guests - Sharing a link to the video is great, but there may be reasons that you don't want your video out for the whole world to see. Using a password protected site and only giving certain people the password can be a great way to share your fun with the people you want to see your video.

  • Use it as a part of your gift thank yous - When you send guests thank yous for their gifts, include a link to the video. This can be a fun way for your guests to relive your wedding.

Working with a wedding photographer to create a highlight video is a wonderful way to show your guests memories of all the fun that they had at your wedding ceremony and reception. Sending out photo and video is great, but a two to three minute highlight video is a chance for your guests to quickly revel in the memories of how great your wedding was. Whether you choose to send out the highlight video to all of your guests at once, or as you thank guests for their gifts, you'll be giving them a chance to remember a beautiful day. If you're thinking about a highlight video as a part of your wedding photo and video package, reach out to us at JM Weddings LLC today to learn more about our highlight video options.

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