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Simple tips to ensure you enjoy your wedding day :)

Our team here at JM Weddings all know that the most important thing a bride can focus on is enjoying every single bit of her day. I have seen many brides and grooms become overwhelmed with decorations, planning, and getting ready that they forget to enjoy their wedding. Why have a wedding if you are not going to at least enjoy it? So I want to give some AMAZING tips for you guys on how to make the most of your special day!

Tip #1 Get Good Sleep

This tip goes without saying. Make sure you get enough rest the night before your wedding. It's going to be a very long day and you will need all the energy you can spare. I know you might be excited to wake up like a kid on Christmas day, but good rest will help you mentally prepare and most of all be awake. :)

Tip #2 EAT

Set up a lunch or breakfast time before the wedding with your party. You don't want to be the hangry bride that gets irritated by every little thing. A fed bride is a happy bride! Also, make sure to plan enough snacks and appetizers to eat before the ceremony. You don't need to fill your stomach, just enough to keep your energy going.


I don't think I can stress this enough! I'll say it again. DRINK WATER! Alcohol can be fun and all, but the summer heat can dehydrate you. You will regret not drinking water before during the hour long ceremony in the 90 degree weather. I just want to make sure that none of you guys faint at your wedding because I have seen it once before. Bring bottles, flasks, or any other containers of water with you constantly!

Tip #3 Leave some in between time

Throughout your schedule leave 15-30 minute breaks here and there to enjoy yourself. Maybe even set some time for you and your husband to escape a second. It's nice to have a moment of silence and rest your brain. You should also leave time before the ceremony to coordinate with your wedding party to make sure everyone is prepared.

Tip #4 Wear a robe

When you are getting ready all you are looking to do is relax and get pampered. Something a lot of brides don't realize is that wearing robes can be the best way not only to relax, but look good in photos! I've seen some brides wear tight tank tops that aren't too appealing and can also mess up your hair if you are trying to take it off. Save the stress and make it easy on yourself :)

Tip #5 Dedicate a bridesmaid to help

There is going to be a lot of moments where you will need assistance. Dedicate one or two bridesmaids to help you throughout the day. You will be preoccupied with so many things that you can miss the little details that just make life easier. A lot of times, my team and I seem to be helping out the bride more than bridesmaids do. We make sure the dress is lifted of the ground, we make sure they drink water, and we make sure that every moment is fun!

Tip #5 Set expectations for your wedding party

I've seen some rambunctious wedding parties. Some people want to bring the bachelor/bachelorette party with them to the wedding and spend the entire time just trying to get drunk. You see them swaying around during the ceremony and you can find them when you are trying to take pictures. Make sure that you set expectations for people to not get too belligerent. I had one time where a bridesmaid got too inebriated and kept slapping me on the butt. It made it harder for me to concentrate on taking photos. Anyway, the day should be focused on you and your love. Let them know that's what they are here for :)

Tip #6 Don't think of photos as a chore

Some brides are too serious about their photos and sometimes don't take the time to enjoy it. Get silly with it and plan fun shots with your photographer. If you had already planned some shots with other people and they don't cooperate well, don't get stressed about it. Move on and live in the moment!

Tip #7 Flats!

This tip will be short and sweet. Wear flats instead of heals. I'm guessing that the odds of you wearing a short dress are very slim. So who is going to see your heals if they are covered? Be comfortable ladies and just wear flats so you can move about and dance the night away!

Tip #8 Take it all in

Take in the special moments. Hangout with your family, get to know people, and have a few drinks. During the ceremony make sure to look over the audience and gaze at your spouse. Things can go by so quickly and it is nice to observe all of your loved ones in one place.

I hope these tips help you enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. If you have any questions about anything I would be more than happy to help. As a photographer/videographer I like to go above and beyond for my brides to make sure they enjoy every second of their wedding :)

~Julian McFadden

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