Top 10 Photo Locations for your Oregon Engagement Session

Planning your engagement session? These scenic Oregon locations will give you some ideas of where to go!


You can never go wrong at the Oregon coast. Haystack Rock is an extremely popular spot for engagement photos. Not only does it provide the most beautiful sunset as it hits the horizon, but you have fun in the water for some really cute pictures. Then after the session you can grab a bowl of clam chowder for dinner! I highly advise going here during the spring/summer as it tends to rain a lot at the coast in other parts of the year.


This cute little park is tucked away in Beaverton and has beautiful scenery that could totally be mistaken for a central Oregon natural aesthetic. Cooper Mountain has forests, golden fields, and a little bridge that make for great photo opportunities. This location is great any time of the year, but if you want really tall grass in the shots then I suggest going when it is warmer outside.


If you want cityscapes next to the river... then this is the spot for you! There is a big variety of locations along the waterfront. You can walk on the bridges, explore the marina and docks, or go into the city. Then after the shoot you can grab a bite or checkout some shops along the waterfront.


I consider this location to basically be like the "Iceland" of Oregon. You are completely surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Everything in this location is completely jaw dropping from the rocky cliffsides, mountain ranges, and meadow fields to it's elegant sunset. It can be rather difficult to find if you don't have the right directions, but once you get there it's an easy five minute hike to the top. This is one of my most recommended spots.


If you want a session that's a little bit snowy... I highly recommend going to this area. Mt. Hood snows around the start of January until mid March and it's the perfect place to kick off the new year with a session. It's pretty easy to get to this hidden trail right next to the Mt. Hood Meadows ski resort. The hike is an effortless 10 minutes to get to and offers a cute little bridge next to the waterfall. I have also been here during the warmer months and the location is good for anytime of year.