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  • Do you offer both photo and video services at the same time?
    YES! We highly encourage letting our team work together to create the best exprience for you! It's a lot easier for us to plan out shots and not get in each others way than work with another person/company that we have not met before.
  • How do I reserve my date?
    All we need to reserve the date is a 50% deposit and a signed contract. 😄
  • How do I pay my deposit? Do you have payment plans?
    Once we figure out the package(s) you want we will send you a paypal invoice to pay for your 50% deposit. However we do request that you send us a check as paypal take 3%. We do not require you to do so, but it helps us out :). Checks can be sent to our business location at (15290 SW Sparrow Loop unit #105 Beaverton, OR 97007). You can pay in any amount you would like until your wedding. We only require the final payment to be made 7 days before your wedding. Even if you don't pay after the deposit we will still show up, but we will hold your photos/videos until the payment is made in full.
  • Do you have a contract?
    Yes. We require all of our clients to sign contracts. We use an online signing service for contracts that are sent directly to both the bride and grooms emails. Both individuals must go to their separate emails to sign separately. After everyone has signed you will get a downloadable .pdf of the contract. We have found this to be the easiest method, but we also offer in person signatures if you do not feel comfortable signing online.
  • Can we add extra hours for photo or video on our wedding day?
    You definitely can! Weddings don't usually go according to plan and we are happy to stay a little longer to make sure every moment is captured.
  • Whats your pricing?
    We've learned from years of experience that everyone's wedding is different and pre-made packages don't apply to everyone. So in order to figure out what works best for you we would need to set up a consultation to figure out what your needs are and what you want for services. From there we can work together to make a custom package that works within your budget. But to give you an idea on average couples spend about $2,500-$4,000 on photography or videography with us. 😇
  • How many images do we get and how many do you edit?
    We will edit and distribute all photos that we think you will want. We have no limit to the amount of photos or edits. You trust us as artists to decide what goes into your album. We only take out the photos that are overexposed, underexposed, people are blinking, or photos that are just plain unnatractive and that we don't think you would like. We also don't provide 20 copies of the same photo. For example we wouldn't provide numrous shots of one group photo, but instead edit the one where everyone looks good and has their eyes open. The exception to all of this is if there is a photo that is just funnny that we think might give you a good laugh. :)
  • How do you deliver photos? Where can I find mine?
    We deliver our photos through our online gallery that can be found through our website at the top. Click on "Client Login" and sign up to view the galleries. All galleries are password protected and we'll give you the password once your gallery is finished.
  • How long does it take you to edit photos?
    We guarantee or photos to be edited and delivered within 30 days of the wedding. On average we deliver them within 2 weeks of your wedding. It really depends on how busy we are and we will keep you updated throughout the process.
  • Do you offer physical prints, albums, or wall art?
    Yes we do! We custom design albums free with our packages. We also design canvases, framed, or acrylic wall art to match your house. All design work is completely free of charge. Everything is made to order and then shipped to your house.
  • Do you deliver photos on a CD or hard drive?
    We do not deliver photos on a CD or hard drive. We have found that our online gallery is the easiest way for you to access, download, and share your photos with others. The images are extremely high resolution when downloaded.
  • How do you deliver videos?
    We deliver our videos through our online gallery that can be found through our website at the top. Click on "Client Login" and sign up to view the galleries. All galleries are password protected and we'll give you the password once your gallery is finished.
  • How long will our highlight video be?
    It honestly depends on what we capture and how long you have us there. If there are a lot of events to show in the video we will definitely include them. Some videos are longer than others, but you trust us as artists to decide what goes into your video. You can check out our previous work from other weddings and can expect the same quality/time length.
  • Do you use multiple cameras?
    Yes we do! Our setup is all dependent on the man power we have and what we can work with at the venue.
  • Do you record ceremonies?
    Yes we do! We have multiple cameras set up to record the ceremonies from different angles. Depending on the location depends on our setup to capture both audio and video.
  • Do you capture audio?
    We most certainly can! We have different audio devices for different situations to wirelessly record the groom, bride, and officiant during the ceremony. We can also capture audio from the DJ if it is available.
  • Can you use popular music in our highlight video?
    We only use royalty free music in our videos. We can't use music that we don't own the rights to. You are welcome to give us suggestions of what genre/style you would like included, but you trust us at artists to make the final decisions during the editing process.
  • Can I have some info about your photo booth?
    The photobooth is perfect for wedding receptions, fundraisers, and events. It is a completely open studio style. It includes professional studio lighting, a provided white blank backdrop, and provided props.
  • How much space do you need for the photo booth?
    Generally we ask to have an 8x10' space to be comfortable with the photo booth. We can work with a smaller space, but it depends on the location. We use a 10' backdrop, 3x6' table and other lights and stands for the photo booth.
  • How many prints do we get?
    If you decide to include prints with your package, you will get UNLIMITED prints. This means you are welcome to go throught the photo booth as many times as you want. Just have fun with it!
  • How big are the prints?
    We print the photos on 4x6" templates.
  • Can we make our own backdrop or provide our own props?
    You most certainly can! Just let us know before the wedding what your plans are so we can work around it.
  • Where should we put the booth? Can we put it outside?
    The best spot to put the booth would be in a place where power can be provided and where your guests can see it. Next to the dance floor or bar are good options. We try to avoid placing it outside as rain, wind, and other factors can come into play in the beautiful state of Oregon.
  • How many people can fit in the booth?
    4-5 people fit in our 10' backdrop comfortably, but we have definitely seen people try to squeeze a whole family in!
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